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> The planets lined up perfectly for Brady
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Tom Brady and Peyton Manning recently reunited Shareef Miller Jersey , more than three years after Manning won the last installment of their rivalry. Since then, we’ve been waiting for another rivalry of that type to emerge.It hasn’t. And perhaps it never will. and Manning to develop a relationship that resulted in 17 contests in the 15 years that their careers overlapped. Both played for teams that dominated their divisions, ensuring that they’d play each other virtually every season. By making it to the playoffs so consistently, they also increased the chances of crossing paths in the postseason.Other quarterbacks will have a hard time doing that. It’s a given that they need to be roughly the same age. If they’re in the same division Zach Brown Jersey , however, the quarterback rivalry easily will take a back seat to the broader rivalry between the teams. Also, they become less likely to meet in the postseason, where quarterbacks rivalries take on greater significance.But whether it’s Russell Wilson vs. Cam Newton (which briefly seemed like it could become the new Brady-Manning a few years ago) or Patrick Mahomes vs. Baker Mayfield or Mahomes vs. Deshaun Watson or Watson vs. Mayfield Devin Bush Jersey , their teams need to dominate in their divisions the way that Brady’s Patriots and Manning’s Colts/Broncos did.Currently, that’s going to be hard to do. There are simply too many good teams in both conferences, and Brady continues to be the only guy with a clear chance to continue to win his division every year. And it’s clear that, with Manning gone Diontae Johnson Jersey , Brady has no real rival. Linebacker K.J. Wright is among the Seahawks players set for free agency this offseason and he has a big advocate for his return to the team he’s played for over the last eight seasons.Bobby Wagner has been alongside Wright at linebacker for seven of those seasons and he spent some time stumping for Wright as the team cleared out the locker room following their season-ending loss in Dallas.“It’s a crazy business,” Wagner said, via ESPN.com. “I watched a lot of guys leave last year, so I don’t know. The right thing to do would be to bring him back. He’s been an amazing teammate Justin Layne Jersey , amazing person in the community, he helps young guys, he never held out, he did everything right. Sounds to me like that’s a guy you should pay.”Wright said he’d love to stay and thinks “it would be in the team’s best interest if I stayed here.” He showed his value in last Saturday’s loss by intercepting a pass in the fourth quarter and making nine tackles in a performance that head coach Pete Carroll said showed how “unbelievably valuable” Wright is to the defense.That value was mitigated by a knee injury that kept Wright out of 11 games this season and the team will have to decide if that’s a red flag for committing to a future with Wright as a big part of their plans.<figure></figure></aside>
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