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> Adam Malnati: Should Elway be on the hot seat?
сообщение 6.1.2020, 4:56
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Case Keenum isn’t the answer at quarterback for the Broncos Case Keenum was supposed to be the answer at quarterback. He was supposed to fix the errors we saw with Trevor Siemian Womens John Elway Jersey , Brock Osweiler, and Paxton Lynch. He was supposed to help get this team back to the postseason.Yet, nothing has changed. Is this an overreaction? Maybe. Am I just pissed the Broncos blew a 10-point lead in the 4th quarter? Most definitely. However, the facts are the facts. Case Keenum has not been good and the Broncos really have not improved their quarterback position at all.Through the first four games or first quarter of the 2018 NFL season, Case Keenum has thrown for 3 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. Over a course of a season that projects out to be 12 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. That is unacceptable. What is even more unacceptable is that Keenum has not thrown for a touchdown since week one of the regular season when he threw 3 touchdowns. He has 0 touchdowns and 1 interception the past three weeks against the Raiders, Ravens, and Chiefs.That is your $18 million dollar quarterback Broncos Country. 2017 was a fluke. We may see flashes of that but it appears that Keenum unsurprisingly has fallen back to earth and shown us why he has been a journeyman quarterback throughout his career. Am I saying turn to Chad Kelly? Not yet, but that should be in the cards. Do I think Elway/Kubiak have the stones to pull the plug on their savior this quick? Hell no. This feels like Trevor Siemian all over again, but somehow worse. Siemian was able to pull a four-touchdown game out of his ass sometimes. I don’t see this from Keenum. I see a quarterback with limited arm strength who fails at being anything more than a game manager.How do you miss a wide-open Demaryius Thomas in the final seconds of the 4th quarter in what would be the go-ahead touchdown? He had him and it wasn’t even close. The Broncos passed on Josh Rosen and Josh Allen in the draft for Keenum. Their storylines are only beginning and could ultimately prove to be a costly error in John Elway’s General Managing career.Again, I could be overreacting, but it’s clear Keenum isn’t it. The training camp hype fooled me and it stings. Maybe Chad Kelly can be that guy? With the bye week in the middle of the season, it feels like a good time to catch our collective breaths and assess where things stand, Broncos’ Country. This week we’ve looked at the biggest surprises, disappointments Bradley Chubb Broncos Jersey , as well as weigh in on if it’s time to tank.One thing we haven’t discussed is John Elway’s job status. At 3-6, the Broncos need to go 5-2 or better over the remaining seven games to avoid the first back-to-back-to-back losing seasons since the 1970s. As GM, Elway has taken a lot of heat for some of his bigger gaffes in the national media. So I thought it a good time to ask Mile High Report:Should Elway be on the hot seat?Taylor Kothe: Hot seat? No, not really. It’s warm, certainly, but Elway’s in no danger of losing his job this offseason. Not after two quality drafts back-to-back and making what looks like a smart coaching hire in Vic Fangio. Turnover at GM too often leads to turnover at HC, and the organization needs stability now more than change. That, and until and unless a new owner takes the reins, I doubt that there’s any serious organizational will to remove the most legendary member and longtime public face of the Broncos. Scotty Payne: Yes. Four losing seasons in a row? Multiple failed quarterbacks? His draft history is iffy at best...I mean any other GM with his recent track record would likely be fired or have a scalding hot seat. His popularity and fame in Denver obviously make him immune to such things. Also, the lack of an owner keeps him pretty safe. Doubt Ellis has the stones to make a major move like that. Probably. Is he? Nope. With no ownership accountability, the seat warmers can’t even be turned on, let alone get hot.Jeff Essary: If you only look at the result with no context, then yes. However, I’ve been saying all season that we’re in the middle of the rebuild everyone has been yelling for. The key criticisms people have had of Elway Von Miller Jersey White , he has gotten better or is getting better at.To me, the moves in the last two years have been all about trying to fix what happened in 2016 and 2017, and we’re still recovering from that and bad drafting even before that.So in my mind, it doesn’t make sense to can Elway for attempting to fix the mess that, yes he created. But it really hasn’t been that long a time since the Super Bowl, and if you look at it in those two, 2-year chunks, the 18/19 Elway has been much improved over the previous years, so I’m not sure what people are expecting a new GM to come in and magically fix.The last piece is obviously QB. Like Scotty mentioned, it’s all about the QB. However, I don’t fault Elway for not finding a franchise QB in four years. Some teams spend 5-10 years or decades searching. It’s the hardest position in all of sports to find. While Flacco and Keenum were failures, aside from throwing $30 million a year on a fully guaranteed contract at Cousins, there hasn’t been much available, and at least Elway has shown the ability to quickly move on from mistakes at the QB position [url=https://www.broncoslockerroom.com/authentic-royce-freeman-jersey]Royce Freeman
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